3 Factors to Export Fresh Ajwa Dates

As mentioned in the previous sections, at present, there are many distributors and supply centers in different parts of our country in the field of supply and distribution of Ajwa dates in different models, but if you want to buy first-class dates, you should always look to buy and use the best active supply centers in the field of Ajwa dates. There are many ways to do this in front of your feet. Today we like to talk about fresh Ajwa dates, premium Ajwa dates, fresh dates, and Ajwa dates price.

3 Factors to Export Fresh Ajwa Dates

4 Important Difference between Fresh Ajwa Dates and Mazafati

4 Important Difference between Fresh Ajwa Dates and Mazafati Perhaps one of the main questions that have always plagued those interested in consuming dates is what is the difference between dates and what is the best type of date and which type of data is more valuable and what is the best type of date. In fact, the variety of dates available in the Iranian and world markets is not small. According to some sources, there are more than 400 types of dates in Iran, but perhaps only about 30 to 40 samples of this number of dates most people have ever consumed or know. The problem becomes more complicated when we see that some models of dates with the logo of commercial companies are available in Iran.

In fact, dates are not only one of the most important agricultural products of Iran, but also a large amount of it is exported annually to various countries around the world. Of course, it should not be ignored that some types of dates, especially from Iraq, Saudi Arabia, or Egypt, also enter the Iranian market. With this description, the type of date should definitely be involved in its quality. This means that the dates are definitely not of the same quality and have differences from each other.

How Long Do Fresh Dates Last Fresh?

How Long Do Fresh Dates Last Fresh? If you are going to buy fresh or dried dates, pay attention to the following points: Choose a date with thin skin. Smell the dates so that they do not smell bad and sour. One of the signs of old dates is their sugar content. Buy dates that have no sugar grains on the surface or in the juice. If you are new to this field, do not go for open dates because it is not clear under what conditions these dates were planted and transported.

When buying packaged dates, make sure that the dates are not pressed and do not stick together. Make sure that the packaging does not contain deep objects such as plants or small debris. Each type of date has its own color, so know the type of date and know what color each date should be. To determine the freshness of dates, one should not pay attention to whether they are wrinkles or not, because some types of dates naturally have wrinkles on the surface of their skin.

Buying Fresh Ajwa Dates at the Best Price

Buying Fresh Ajwa Dates at the Best Price Finding the best seller to buy Ajva dates is the first and most important step that you should pay special attention to. There are currently many stores that offer first-class dates, but you do not have to register your purchase from any store active in this field. Because some centers supply different models of Ajva dates from intermediaries and brokers, and this increases the final price to a great extent.

But, to buy these products and find the best active seller in their field, you have to pay attention to a series of specific points. For example, you can not buy from any active supply center in your city because some of them sell their products at a higher price. So, we recommend you to buy Ajva dates from the network and online supply centers. Our website is one of the first stores in the field of supplying and offering Ajva dates under the network.


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