Best Dried Yellow Dates Bulk Sale

With wholesale sales of the best dried yellow dates in the market, customers who intend to buy in kilograms and in large quantities, can more easily meet their needs. Dried yellow dates are one of the best-selling types of dates in the market due to their sweet and hearty taste. This is why it is sold more in bulk.

In bulk sales, the cost of dates, including dried dates, is reduced, and the customer can more easily buy the dates he needs as much as he has the budget.

Best Dried Yellow Dates Bulk Sale

Are Dried Yellow Dates Better than Fresh?

Are Dried Yellow Dates Better than Fresh?

Dates are a rich source of carbohydrates and energy, each of which has about 20 to 70 calories, and it is said that in the Middle East, where dates are consumed daily, the rate of heart disease is very low.

Most fruits have a high percentage of water, but 70% of dates are made up of sugar. Different types of dates are offered in the market, but the question that arises is whether fresh dates are healthier or drier? And is it more recommended to eat dried dates or fresh dates?

For the reasons that we will mention below, consuming dried dates is better than fresh dates.

  • The amount of calories
  • The amount of nutrients
  • The amount of energy
  • The amount of fiber

Each 100 grams of dried dates contains 280 calories, while each 100 grams of fresh dates contains 145 calories. So you can eat fresh dates to lose weight, and if you want to gain weight, you can get extra calories from dried dates. So the consumption of dates depends on the needs of the person.

Both types of dates have almost the same nutrients. Dates contain iron, vitamin A (good for eye health), potassium (good for the heart) and magnesium, which fight diabetes, high blood pressure and depression. Dates are high in fructose, which can be harmful to the body. As mentioned, there is not much difference between the nutritional value of fresh and dried dates.

Dates are rich in carbohydrates, including sucrose, fructose and glucose. Athletes consume dates before each race to receive energy. Dried and fresh dates are full of energy. Dates are rich in fiber and prevent constipation. The amount of fiber in dried dates is higher.

In general, if you want to lose weight, in addition to daily exercise, you can eat fresh dates. Various carbohydrates, vitamins and proteins make you feel full. But if you want to gain weight, eat dried dates, which are rich in calories.

3 Reasons Dried Dates Have Superiority over Other Dates

3 Reasons Dried Dates Have Superiority over Other Dates

Dates are a fruit rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals and can be used by many people of all ages. Many people prefer dried dates to fresh dates. The most important reasons for the superiority of dried dates over fresh dates are the following.

The first difference is in the storage time of dried dates. Because dried dates have less moisture, date uses of them in the long run are possible. In other words, dried dates can be easily stored longer and out of the refrigerator.

The second reason is that dried dates can be substituted for artificial sugars such as sugar and used to drink tea. Date in tea is the best option for people with diabetes. The third reason is the reasonable price of dried dates. You can buy and consume the best dates dry at a lower cost.

Sale of Dried Yellow Dates as Direct Supply

Sale of Dried Yellow Dates as Direct Supply

The sale of yellow dried dates directly, on the one hand, has provided the market needs in a timely manner, and on the other hand, has helped to balance its price in the market. dry dates 1kg price in direct sale due to the elimination of intermediaries is much cheaper than when you want to buy it from brokers.

Today, dried dates are sold online. In this way, the buyer can make his purchase without spending time and at the lowest cost. Our company, as a major supplier, offers the best types of dried dates online to esteemed buyers all over the country. Sales are online and you can register your orders through the site.

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