Great Sale of Yellow Barhi Dates

Packed yellow lamb dates have a very high taste and quality. Many companies with different brands in the field of selling yellow barhi dates are widely and widely active in the domestic and global markets, which provide the highest quality Zahedi yellow dates in bulk or in standard and hygienic packaging and with They sell at a lower price than the market level. The sales company has started selling its products online, which is an easy solution for selling more.

Great Sale of Yellow Barhi  Dates

The Simple Way To Ripen Yellow Barhi Dates?

The Simple Way To  Ripen Yellow Barhi Dates? Lamb dates in the Khark stage contain high amounts of sugar and for this reason, Khark and Ratb lamb are harvested and consumed in the same early stages. Khark lamb in the Khark stage, when most Khark cultivars have an astringent taste, can be consumed and has a very desirable taste and high sugar content. In terms of quality, sweetness, and freshness of dates, lamb dates have a very tasty and hearty taste, and this has made this variety popular among other date cultivars.

Lamb dates have a soft texture and thick skin and the core of lamb dates is almost spherical and its color is light gray. The degree of core adhesion in this date cultivar is moderate. Every year, at the end of August, Khark and Rotab lamb are ready to be harvested, but the full crop of lamb dates is harvested at the end of September. In the harvest season, the market for buying and selling lamb dates becomes very hot and many buyers and traders harvest the product directly from the groves.

2 Practical Ways to Keep Date Fresh

2 Practical Ways to Keep Date Fresh fresh yellow barhi dates are a moist food that moisture is an inherent feature of dates and can not be separated from dates, but this moisture should always be to some extent and more or less than that makes the taste of dates not good. Of course, there are dates that when we eat, we notice that they are dry, similar to Zahedi dates, but still, those dates have very little moisture. Dried dates are usually easier to store and take longer to spoil, but most dates are moist. To date nutrition, it is necessary to first test the soil in such a way that in February, soil sampling is done in combination.

Principles of preservation of dates help to preserve this moisture and not more or less and stay at the same normal level. If you can consume the number of dates you buy in a week or finally a month, the environment of the house is a suitable environment for storing dates. If the storage time is more than one month, you must store the dates in an environment other than home air. The best freezer environment is a separate refrigerator or freezer. Putting dates in the refrigerator preserves the taste of dates and prevents them from spoiling and becoming sour.

Best Yellow Barhi Dates Distributors

Best Yellow Barhi  Dates Distributors Nowadays, the distribution of original and organic yellow lamb dates is done in kilogram packaging. The type of packaging is very important in maintaining the quality and preventing the product from deteriorating, especially during transportation, which can not be ignored in any way. Of course, it should be noted that the type of order of Zahedi yellow dates and its direct purchase has an important role in ensuring quality and reducing prices. Due to the bulk production of this product for bulk and export orders, you can be in direct contact with the active sales representatives of this center

Many dried fruit agencies and centers distribute yellow dates in bulk or small quantities throughout the country. Distributors of yellow lamb dates, due to their direct relationship with producers, can provide the volume you request in the shortest possible time and at a reasonable price. These people are very well known and reputable in the dried fruit market, and you can prepare packaged Zahedi dates with confidence.

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