High Manufacture of Premium Ajwa Dates

premium ajwa dates are a special group of dates that have the highest possible level of quality. Today, this model of dates is a little rare and because of this, it is a little difficult to prepare and buy. Therefore, if you are going to buy the best dates, it is better to look for a seller who also sells the best dates. The date store and sales center offers a variety of products to the market that have a significant impact on customer choice.

High Manufacture of Premium Ajwa Dates

The Difference between Premium Ajwa Dates and Other Dates

The  Difference between Premium Ajwa Dates and Other Dates Dates are one of the oldest agricultural products that the original place of cultivation is known as the Mesopotamian region. This shows that dates have been the source of human nutrition since ancient times. Dates were so popular that the palm tree was called the tree of life. Dates are a dark fruit with a thin skin and a hard core that has a mostly sweet taste. Most of the regions where this fruit grows are Iran. There are different types of dates in Iran.

Ajva dates are a variety of dates without nectar. It has soft and sweet meat with healing properties. These dates are high in fiber and plant antioxidants. The fruit of the oyster tree looks spherical and slightly elongated and its color is very dark brown. Other dates have a lot of nectar and the appearance of this date is elongated and with little juice and wrinkled skin. Ajwa dates are soft and dry types of dates and have a very sweet taste

3 Amazing Advantages of Ajwa Dates

3 Amazing Advantages of Ajwa Dates Dates have a sweet aroma. They also contain many important nutrients and have a variety of benefits and uses. Dates have a high nutritional value. Dried dates have more calories than fresh fruits. The caloric content of dates is the same as other dried fruits such as raisins and figs. Most of the calories in dates come from carbohydrates. The rest of the calories are due to the small amount of protein. Despite being high in calories, dates contain some important vitamins and minerals in addition to a significant amount of fiber.

Fiber can be beneficial for gastrointestinal health by preventing constipation. Consumption of dates facilitates defecation and strengthens regular bowel movements. Dates contain various antioxidants that have many health benefits and prevent some diseases. Antioxidants protect cells against free radicals and unstable molecules that may be caused by harmful reactions in your body that can lead to disease. Consumption of ajwa dates for diabetes is very useful because of less sugar.

Provide Premium Ajwa Dates in Bulk

 Provide Premium Ajwa Dates in Bulk The bulk sale of dates in Iran is done by the distribution and supply center, so that buyers can buy all kinds of these products with reasonable prices and excellent quality from these centers. During the year, date supply centers in the markets across the country sell their products exceptionally. The buyer is well aware that these devices have a high variety and each has its own characteristics, and are offered at a certain price. For this reason, he can buy a variety of new and diverse models in the market and meet his needs well.

The top exporter of organic ajwa dates has exported these products, which are produced in a completely hygienic way using completely ripe fresh and organic onions, in small and large quantities to different countries, due to the high quality of this product and day by day. It increases the demand of these countries and makes its export industry very profitable. If you can make your purchase from raw wholesale, it is convenient and affordable for you; Because you pay less for bulk purchases than packaged samples.

Buyers of fresh ajwa dates, especially major buyers who are looking to buy in high volume and cheap prices, can contact these centers and after receiving the necessary information about prices and payment terms, proceed to purchase these products

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