High Sale of Best Medjool Dates

Medjool date quality is majestic and they are one of the best examples of perfect dates which have a unique quality and taste. People who are interested in buying and trying this product can get it through reputable sellers and exporters who offer the highest quality dates. To buy and order the best medjool dates, we advised that is better to know more about the properties and nutritional value of this date. Stay with us.

High Sale of Best Medjool Dates

How Many Date Are There?

How Many Date Are There? We all know that there are both soft and dried dates and each has its own characteristics! And you may be interested to know that the people of Saudi Arabia used to give dates even before the time of Jesus and exchange silk for it (exchange of goods for goods).

It is interesting to know that the climate of the date cultivation area is very influential in the shape, taste and flavor of dates. Due to this, the variety of dates in the world is very large and between 3,000 and 4,000 types can be named. Among them are the world famous dates as follows:

  • Deglet Noor: One of the best and most widespread types of dates in the world, which is a product of Iraq.
  • Ajwa: Saudi date, which is recommended in the hadiths. The most famous date in the world that has a soft and unique texture and a sweet and hearty taste.
  • Anbara: It is one of the largest dates in Saudi Arabia that has a small but large fleshy core and is also used as food and is one of the most expensive dates with a brown color and sweet taste.
  • Safawi: Black and white dates with a soft texture that is usually grown in Medina.
  • Barhi: A delicious and soft date that is yellow and is a Saudi product that is usually served with a small stick. The taste of barhi with coffee is unique.
  • Medjool: Cultivated in Saudi Arabia and Libya and very popular but expensive in the world, it is called the “Queen of Dates”.
  • Sukkari: Other types There are dates in Saudi Arabia that are grown in other countries and are world famous.

3 Essential Points to Distinguish the Quality of Best Medjool Dates

3 Essential Points to Distinguish the Quality of Best Medjool Dates Eating dates can have many benefits for your health; Of course, more research is needed to discover the various benefits of dates. Here are some of the benefits. The cases that make this date superior to the common types of dates for daily consumption or as snacks, and can be said to be a convincing reason to buy date dates.

Dates are a natural fuel for the body. A large number of dates can provide significant carbohydrates to your body. Carbohydrates are the body’s main source of energy. Eating dates can also help with bone health. These dates contain small amounts of calcium and acceptable amounts of potassium, manganese and copper.

There are many different types of dates around the world, but Majul dates are one of the two most commercially produced varieties in the United States. Most produce comes from Deglet Noor (or Nour) dates, but the mugs are larger, softer and sweeter. Dates can be eaten fresh or dried, but it is often drying that increases their shelf life and prevents premature spoilage. Majul dates have a dark brown skin with a flavor that is described as similar to caramel.

Best Medjool Dates Suppliers

Best Medjool Dates Suppliers If you are planning to buy date dates, you should also get acquainted with the best stores for selling date dates. Our online store is one of the best centers you can trust. The packaging, quality and everything in this collection is completely different from the idea you have of date shops.

You can easily contact our consultants and support team at any time of the day and night and register your orders so that we can offer you the best qualities or for know about the khola date price and the other ones. We sold out different kinds of dates such as brown bin dates, black, mazafati and khola dates in Bulk for many size, shape and weights.

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