High Sale of Golden Date Syrup

Due to the many requests of the esteemed sellers, we decided to start selling golden date syrup through internet sites. In the wholesale sale of this product, you can buy your desired date syrup with a large number and a special price. The sale of organic date syrup with quality and at a reasonable price for consumers is done in various sales centers, including this collection. You dear ones can experience a safe purchase by visiting this site.

High Sale of Golden Date Syrup

How to Make Golden Date Syrup?

How to Make Golden Date Syrup? To make golden date syrup, first wash the dates and then cut them in half and separate the date kernels, then pour them into a suitable pot with boiling water and let the dates soak in boiling water for 30 minutes. Then, after the mentioned time, put the pot on the gas heat and let the water reach boiling point. After the water reaches boiling point, reduce the gas flame and let the dates boil for another 5 minutes.

Note that you should continue cooking the dates until the dates are completely soft, then remove the pot from the heat and let the dates remain in the same water for another 30 minutes. Then pour the dates into the strainer and press the dates gently with the help of your hands until the date juice separates and comes out of the strainer. Note that the meat and the skin of the dates should not pass through the strainer.

In the next step, put the filtered date juice again on the gas heat until the juice boils and thickens. Finally, you have to stir the date juice constantly so that it does not settle and burn, then pour it into a suitable container and you can consume it.

The Difference between Date Syrup and Molasses

The Difference between Date Syrup and Molasses The difference between black molasses and date syrup is explained below:

Molasses is a sweetener that will be made as a product of the sugar production process, but date syrup is made by boiling dates. To make molasses, sugar beet or sugar cane is first crushed and its extract is extracted. The extract is then boiled to form sugar crystals that come out of the liquid. But to prepare date syrup, date extract and decoction are used.

Molasses is thick and brown in color and sometimes blackish, which remains after the extraction of sugar, but date syrup, depending on its concentration, is in golden, honey, and brown colors.

  • Bright molasses: This syrup is prepared from the first boil and is the lightest in color and the sweetest in taste. This type of molasses sweetener is often used in cooking.
  • Dark molasses: This syrup is prepared from the second boil and is thicker, darker and less sweet than other types. This type of molasses sweetener can be used in cooking but will create a distinct color and taste.

Buying Golden Date Syrup in Bulk

Buying Golden Date Syrup in Bulk There are main centers for selling quality date syrup in the country and this product is sold in different types with great variety, unique quality and reasonable prices. The largest center buy date syrup is located in Tehran, the capital of Iran.

There are places for selling all kinds of golden date syrups in all parts of Iran and this product is offered to customers with all quality through centers and sales agents. The best and most quality products with the most standard quality are offered to maintain the health and improve the health indicators of your loved ones. Date syrup has a great effect on providing physical strength and is very suitable for treating all types of anemia.

Nowadays, due to the advancement of technology and the increase of the science of offline and online shopping, it has caused stores to enter homes and gain significant help in accessing the desired product. This collection accepts all product orders and offers suitable and worthy products with the highest quality to customers in all regions of the country. Contact us to buy and register your orders.

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