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One of the big companies that produce the dates of Mazafati is All-natural. They make their living through the drying and packaging of fresh fruit. Their primary objective is to ensure that the fruit retains its natural flavor as well as its nutritional profile. In 2013, they built a cutting-edge processing factory in order to fulfill their unwavering obligation to supply their customers with the highest quality natural goods that are commercially available. A commitment to educating and empowering their customers to make the most of their natural surroundings by improving their food and lifestyle is at the heart of their company. This commitment forms the basis of their business. It is crucial for every company to have clients who have faith in the reliability of the products they provide in terms of both their quality and their safety. The method of production meets the criteria established by European quality standards (IFS and BRC). Their Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) integrated control system guarantees that the manufacturing process takes place in a risk-free setting. This guarantees that there will be no variation in the quality of the finished product during the entirety of the production process. They are dedicated to preserving a reliable and risk-free food supply, as evidenced by their acquisition of both the ISO 22000 and HACCP accreditations. For the purpose of ensuring that the dried samples are up to par with regard to quality, they are routinely examined not only in the laboratory that is housed within the plant but also by a recognized laboratory that is independent of the plant. In addition to that, they are able to give HALAL and KOSHER certificates with little to no difficulty. One of the most important aspects of any manufacturing process is making use of high-quality raw materials. They exclusively buy from reputable farms that grow their produce in compliance with the standards set out by the Global Good Agricultural Practices (Global GAP). They formed partnerships with organic fruit farmers in Southern Europe so that they could keep their efforts to encourage more consumers to purchase organic products. Before being sent to the dryer, every piece of fruit undergoes a separate quality check to ensure it is of the highest standard. Their state-of-the-art factory has the capacity to produce 2,000 tons per year, and they have no issue meeting the Private Label manufacturing criteria that are laid down for things like the cut ring shapes and package weight. They are also able to customize solutions to meet the specific needs of each customer, ensuring that the customers are happy with the results. The revolutionary design of the dryer’s closed system makes it more convenient than anything that has come before it. It was made utilizing state-of-the-art machinery and the skill of experienced artisans working in unison to produce the final product. As a consequence of this, temperatures that are noticeably lower than those often seen are entirely acceptable for the drying process. It removes the water without changing the flavor or the nutritional profile of the fruit while doing so. Without any additional sugar, fillers, or preservatives, the fruit is able to keep its natural sweetness as well as its texture and aroma thanks to an innovative technology that we have developed. Mazafati dates, also referred to as Bam dates due to their common name, are among the most well-liked and diverse types of dates produced in Iran. They are typically used in place of Rutab in most instances (fresh). Due to the considerable amount of water that is included within Mazafati dates, they are not often used as a substitute for nuts. It is common knowledge that the date is the tastiest of all the different types of date fruit that are commercially available. Depending on when it was harvested and where it came from, the amount of water might range anywhere from 15% to 35%. The diameter of a date’s flesh typically falls between 2.5 and 4.5 centimeters, and it is packed with essential nutrients. This delectable fruit has a flavor that is reminiscent of a combination of natural soft caramel and chocolate, and it is absolutely delightful. When consumers bite into this specific date, they are blown away by how extraordinarily tasty and soft it is. The city of Bam, which is located in the southern part of Iran, is home to some of the most delicious Mazafati dates. In the Bam region, around 28,000 hectares of land are used for the cultivation of Mazafati dates. Annually, 120,000 tons of dates are harvested from these lands, and 5,000 hectares of land are set aside for the cultivation of young palm trees. In addition to these places, Jiroft and Kahnuj in the province of Kerman, as well as Saravan and Iranshahr in the province of Sistan and Baluchestan, both have soil that is rich in nutrients. When the Mazafati is ready to be harvested, it will have a color that is very dark purple, almost black. It is recommended that dates be refrigerated. A surplus of Mazafati Date juice. To illustrate the difference, you can employ the strategy of acting as though the dates that have more juice are of a higher quality. Mazafati of a superior grade will have a thin and flexible texture, whereas mazafati of a lower grade will have a thick and dry texture. During the process of preparing this meal, no artificial preservatives or other chemicals of any kind were utilized. Since ancient times, dates have served as a primary source of nutrition throughout the Middle East. Dates are not restricted to any particular region in terms of their popularity as a snack food around the world. They are in the pristine condition physically and have an endless supply of life. Dates, which have a significant amount of sugar that is present naturally, are an excellent alternative to refined white sugar. They are turning up in an increasing number of treats on a daily basis. Dates are beneficial in the same ways whether they are fresh or dried. In Iran, eating dates in their fresh form is one of the most prevalent methods to consume them, and Mazafati dates are a particular favorite among Iranians. The Mazafati date is well known for having extraordinarily sweet and soft flesh, which is why it is frequently referred to by the brand name KIMIA. These dates contain between 16 and 25 percent more water than other varieties of dates. A ripe Mazarati date will typically have a color that is either dark brown or black, and it will also have sticky juice. It is possible to rapidly and painlessly separate the meat from the paper-thin skin. Zaafati dates have a flavor and perfume that are both sweet, and they may be eaten on their own or combined with a range of different meals. Our company has recently had levels of success that have never been seen before. This has put us at the top of the industry in which we work. With this accomplishment, we are in a very good position. We put in a lot of work to make sure that our employees have the latest marketing training. This helps us meet or, more often than not, exceed the expectations of our clients all over the world. Our business hours have been extended, so we are now available at all times of the day. Even though most of our customers are franchisees, we still have good working relationships with a wide range of companies that distribute goods and services, which is a very important factor. We became the most successful exporter in the history of world trade. Because of this, we became one of the best-known businesses in the area. We are here for our clients every day of the week, and that has never changed. The fact that we trust all of our instruments makes a big difference in how well our band does and is one of the things that makes it unique.

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