Organic Date Molasses Exporters at Different Quality

Exporters of organic date molasses with different qualities in many stores and large commercial companies are also offered at reasonable prices to various markets at home and abroad. These exporters offer their goods in different and very stylish packages suitable for export to world markets.

The Difference between Molasses and Organic Date Molasses

 The Difference between Molasses and Organic Date Molasses Juice or molasses is a concentrated, dark, viscous extract and by-product of the sugar production process from sugar beet or sugarcane. The French word molasses is derived from the Latin word mel meaning honey. The quality of molasses depends on the ripening time of the sugar beet, the amount of sugar extracted and the extraction method. In some parts of the United States, sweet sorghum is known as molasses from dates, but sweet sorghum is not a real molasses. Organic Date Molasses and Natural Date Molasses Iran is a major exporter of 100% pure organic date molasses in the world. Natural date molasses is exported to most countries, especially the countries of the Persian Gulf. The production capacity of organic date molasses is more than 10 tons per day. Date molasses is a natural sweetener instead of white sugar. Date molasses is obtained from 100% vegetable, natural, pure, organic and healthy kebab dates. This substance is extracted directly from juicy kebab dates and no additives are added to it. Our natural date molasses has a high percentage of the nutritional value of dates and is used in the home and food industries, confectionery, snacks, chocolate, dairy, ice cream, cooked foods, baby food and alcoholic beverages. Unlike refined sugar, molasses also contains some vitamins and minerals.

Is Date Syrup Better than Molasses?

Is Date Syrup Better than Molasses? Molasses is a sweetener that is claimed to be much healthier than date syrup. Some say it may even have unique therapeutic benefits. date molasses recipes contains several important nutrients and antioxidants and is a better option than refined date syrup. But it still contains sugar and is harmful if consumed in large quantities. Molasses is just a slightly “less bad” form of date syrup. Molasses is a sweetener that is formed as a by-product of the process of producing date syrup. First, sugarcane and sugar beet are crushed and its extract is extracted. The extract is then boiled to form sugar crystals that come out of the liquid. Concentrated molasses and brown syrup remain after sugar removal. This process is repeated several times and each time a different type of molasses is produced. Researchers say that date syrup has antibacterial properties and can fight many pathogenic bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Enterococcus and Pseudomonas. According to a new study presented at the annual conference of the Society of Microbiology in Birmingham, the antibacterial effect of date juice is greater than that of honey, which has long been used to help heal resistant wounds. Researchers say that the phenolic compounds in dates, which are also found in sap, have this antimicrobial effect. They have shown that the presence of date juice in the culture medium of pathogenic microbes mentioned above can stop and inhibit their growth within six hours, and this is faster than the effect of honey on microbes. Date molasses is a common beverage in the Middle East because it produces large amounts of dates and dries there to reach the dates. Date molasses are very similar to date syrup, but the process is different, because date molasses contains a lot of sugar that is added to dried dates.

Great Sale of Organic Date Molasses

Great Sale of Organic Date MolassesExcellent sale of date molasses are common in many stores in the country. This date has good sales in the country due to its many properties. Selling this type of date in addition to stores in many online stores also has good buyers. Selling these dates online is very profitable because it is very easy to prepare dates this way.


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