Organic Date Molasses; Halva Desserts Usage (Vitamins A B C)

Organic Date Molasses; Halva Desserts Usage (Vitamins A B C)

Organic date molasses is one of the most popular and widely consumed molasses that has all the properties of dates in a fully compressed form

Organic Date Molasses

Having organic date molasses, while savoring the exquisite aroma of clear and thick date syrup, you will appreciate the syrup with the flavor of locally produced, entirely nutritious molasses available all year round

Organic date molasses or honey can be used to make halva, desserts, and other sweets

Date molasses is high in natural sugar and is regarded as the greatest replacement for sugar and jam when combined with cream or flour to make a complete meal

Using date syrup to sweeten rice milk is a tonic and beneficial combination that, in addition to its superb flavor, is regarded as an effective treatment for milk and rice coldness

 Organic Date Molasses; Halva Desserts Usage (Vitamins A B C)

Organic Date Molasses Features

When it comes to their features, it is abundant in vitamins A, B, C, iron, folic acid, calcium, and magnesium, making it the ideal alternative to synthetic multivitamins

The high fibre content is highly helpful and beneficial for digestive health and constipation alleviation


Used in
Halva, Desserts and other Sweets

A, B and C

Beneficial for 
Digestive Health

Iron, Folic Acid and Calcium

It should be noted that date molasses has high calories and a lot of natural sugar, so it is a suitable option for weight gain, but if you have diabetes or are overweight, avoid consuming too much date molasses

Moreover, they function as a medicine for the health of the body and are regarded as a significant and useful substance for the growth and intellectual development of youngsters

 Organic Date Molasses; Halva Desserts Usage (Vitamins A B C)

Buy Organic Date Molasses

First, it is preferable to buy organic date molasses made out of juicy dates

Note that the date molasses content should not be too low or it will quickly spoil

Moreover, it can be stored for one year in a sealed jar in a cold, dry environment

However, while purchasing, it is preferable to consider the following additional factors:

Cost product
The flavor should be palatable and not sour

Calorie Intake

Finally, you are recommended to purchase date molasses online since there is no need to physically visit a store, and you will save money and compare costs

 Organic Date Molasses; Halva Desserts Usage (Vitamins A B C)

Organic Date Molasses Price + Buy and Sell

It should be mentioned that the organic date molasses price is variable as the item is offered in many kinds and grades in the market

There are numerous manufacturers, and the price of date molasses varies from one producer to the other

The price of an item is set by two factors: first, its quality, and second, the seller’s profit margin

The pricing range from 5 to 10 dollars for a jar!
This pricing is continually fluctuating in the global market and no need to worry about it!!
You can contact our sales experts to know the precise pricing and any special discounts that will be applied

 Organic Date Molasses; Halva Desserts Usage (Vitamins A B C)

The Answer to Two Questions About Date Molasses

1: What is date molasses good for?
Date syrup liquified dates is heart-healthy
Date syrup is sodium-, cholesterol-, trans-, and saturated-fat-free
Magnesium and potassium abound

2: What is the difference between date syrup and date molasses?
Date molasses
Date syrup is molasses
thick syrup with tahini paste and handmade pita bread

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