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Looking for date syrup produced in North America? Want the price for 2022? Although there are numerous suppliers and brands e.g. Ajfan we also do present premium date syrup at the best and most reasonable price.

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Our Ajwa Dates Syrup is a delicious and nutritious alternative to refined sugar that is made from high-quality Ajwa Dates. The texture of this Dates syrup is silky, and the flavour profile is evocative of prunes. It is a gloriously decadent way to indulge, with a beautifully rich flavour profile. You can use it when baking, or you can simply pour it over ice cream and pancakes for a treat that has its own distinctively delicious twist. Our company is the only one in the world that grows gourmet dates, produces gourmet dates, and sells gourmet dates. The best dates for making dates syrup come directly from the Middle Eastern farms, where they are grown, and these dates are used in the syrup’s production. In the process of producing Ajwa Dates Syrup, one of the components utilised is syrup made entirely from Ajwa dates. INGREDIENTS: Pure Natural Dates Syrup that has been extracted from dates that have been handpicked. There is neither added sugar nor any kind of preservative in this product. A natural sweetener that can be used as a straight replacement for sugar and other types of sweeteners is mellow and pleasant syrup. APPLICATION: This flavour goes wonderfully with milk, desserts, ice cream toppings, and cakes. Description

  • Our date syrup is not only nutritious but also delicious, and it is simple to utilise in a wide variety of culinary preparations.
  • Date syrup is loaded with many minerals that are beneficial to your health.
  • Date syrup is not only beneficial to your health, but it also has the potential to be an excellent choice for those who are looking for a natural and healthy alternative to sugar and other sweeteners.
  • Date syrups are a versatile food that may be incorporated into many different eating plans.
  • Raw vegan, paleo, and diets with no added sugar are examples of these types of eating plans.
  • Date Syrup offers a variety of advantages that are unmatched by other sweeteners and flavouring agents when combined with milk in the manufacturing of yoghurt.
  • These advantages include an increase in the yogurt’s nutritional worth.

dates syrup nutrition facts

dates syrup price

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dates syrup north america Want a delectable product from dates grown in North America? It is probable that the alternative sweetener that’s been around the longest is also the most modern. In the Middle East, date syrup is known as silan or rub; in fact, some sources claim that this is the “honey” that is referred to in the Biblical allusion as “a land flowing with milk and honey. ” Date syrup has been enjoyed for a long time in this region. In the Middle East, date syrup, which is also known as date nectar or date molasses, is used as everything from a dip for bread to a marinade for meat to a breakfast sweetener. Organic date syrup is now available in the United States. When Brian Finkel and David Czinn were taking a gap year together, they became fast friends and eventually went on to start D’Vash Organics together. While Czinn went on to work in the food sector as the founder of Fruigees, an organic fruit squeeze pouch firm, Finkel moved back to his homeland, where he observed that he was consuming an increasing amount of date nectar. Czinn went on to work in the food industry as the founder of Fruigees. He says, “I was putting it in my coffee and tea in the morning, I was dripping it into my yoghurt, I was baking it into desserts, I was using it as a marinade, I was putting it on pancakes and waffles, using it as a base for salad dressing, you name it. ” “I called David, and I said, ‘Hey, you’re in the food industry in the United States, do you know about this stuff?’” Almost immediately after that, the friends came to the conclusion that it had the potential to be a huge success in the United States, and they established their organic date syrup firm. dates syrup price

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Adapting a Well-Known Item to Fit the Needs of the Community Obviously, bringing in just one of the hundreds of different brands of date syrup that are produced in the vest conditions and selling it in the United States was not enough to turn date syrup into a common ingredient in the American diet. Our company made the decision to collaborate with local date growers in Southern California, a region that Finkel refers to as “the dating capital of North America,” in order to develop a product that would cater to the American preference for products that are produced locally and adhere to high standards of transparency. The syrup is a by-product of the production of Medjool dates; dates that cannot be sold whole due to skin breakage or colour discolouration are collected and concentrated. The dates are first cooked for 36 hours in water heated to 190 degrees, after which they are filtered out of all solid matter and then dehydrated down to syrup. The farmer who makes the syrup for our company observes that the production method is “quite straightforward” when compared to other steps in the process. It is essentially just the dates and water; there are no other ingredients added to it at all. The natural health advantages of dates, which are rich in minerals such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium, are not lost in the process because it is quite straightforward. Additionally, the natural abundance of polyphenols and antioxidants found in dates is preserved in date syrup. Date syrup contains around 5900 moles of polyphenols and antioxidants per 100 grammes, which is higher than the 4900 moles found in blueberries. Date syrup is likewise lower in fructose than the once-super sweetener agave syrup, and it also has a lower glycaemic index than both maple syrup and honey. In addition, the glycaemic index of date syrup is lower than that of maple syrup. One study that was published in the Nutrition Journal showed that the consumption of dates by healthy individuals or diabetic individuals does not result in blood sugar spikes. dates syrup online

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This is something that Finkel also says he can attest to base on anecdotal evidence, and he says that the study supports his experience. But date syrup isn’t simply healthier than other sweeteners; according to a study published in the Society for General Microbiology in 2015, date syrup has antibacterial action against a number of bacteria, including E. coli and Staph. This activity makes date syrup potentially useful. This antibacterial action takes place at an even more rapid pace than that of Manuka honey, according to Science Alert. According to Finkel, “It really kind of ticks all the boxes for what healthy and stylish consumers are looking for today. It really kind of ticks all the boxes for what healthy and trendy consumers are locally grown and sourced, it is non-GMO, it is organic, it is vegan, it is produced from one ingredient, plant-based, paleo, and the list goes on and on. Date Syrup: A New Essential Sweetener was originally launched in the United States in February, and within a month of the launch, the goods of the company had been picked up by two large distributors. Date syrup is gaining popularity as a new staple sweetener. “We’re set to launch with Thrive Market this month, and Whole Foods is about to place a significant order, which is wonderful as well,” he says. “We’re looking forward to both of these opportunities. ” “We’re also in conversations with Costco — it kind of covers the spectrum from organic high-end establishments to really anywhere,” According to Finkel, this is one of the objectives the company has set for itself. He says, “We do not see this as something that is going to be on the bottom shelf of an ethnic aisle somewhere in the back. ” We consider this to be a pantry essential, something that each and every home in the United States should have available to them. Date syrup has a wide variety of applications; not only is it an excellent sugar substitute but also due to its subtly sweet and rich flavour, it is an excellent component for marinades and barbecue sauces. dates syrup for babies

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If you’re at a loss for what to make for breakfast, our company has a recipe suggestion printed right on the bottle for you: our Date Shake. This recipe calls for bananas, date syrup, and either traditional milk or plant-based milk of your choosing. Our company is also working on expanding its product line to include not only other items produced from dates, such as date sugar and flavoured date syrups but also syrups created from other dried fruits, such as figs. This will allow the company to offer a wider variety of date-related goods. “There’s been a trend in the last five or ten years where you have a product that’s really popular in a given region in the world but unheard of in the United States or in the West,” says Finkel, citing goji berries and acai as two recent additions to this list as examples. “You have a product that’s really popular in a given region in the world but unheard of in the U.S. or in the West,” says Fin We have a feeling that we may have stumbled onto a superfood that is indigenous to the Middle East. dates syrup price It is obvious that the price of the product varies according to the requests made for date syrup in recent years. Considering the fact that one of the mental concerns of customers is access to first-hand resources in production so that they can get date syrup at an affordable price with a suitable quality level, this is one of the factors that contribute to the price fluctuation of the product. dates syrup recipe

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It is recommended that you place your order for the product by referring to reliable dealers; considering the many factors that exist in calculating the final estimate of date syrup, you should pay attention to the following items when you are purchasing it: Date syrup can be purchased in large quantities, which can be an effective strategy for achieving significant price reductions for the product; Buying directly from the manufacturer, bypassing any middlemen in the supply chain, will result in cost savings. If the product is of a higher quality than the counterfeit and low-quality samples that are already available on the market, the price of the premium quality product will be greater. This important product is one of the energising food items that, as a breakfast meal, can treat anaemia in addition to providing energy for the day; buying original date syrup can be considered as another factor that affects the price, which has many fans due to its affordable price and quality. Dates are one of the most popular foods in the world. Date syrup is beneficial for relieving daily fatigue and maintaining a healthy nervous balance because of its high vitamin content. If the annual production volume of this product is increased, the amount of supply will also increase proportionately, and as a result, the price will also decrease. Date syrup is produced from dates, which are rich in vitamins. This medication contains magnesium as well as phosphorus, both of which contribute to the strengthening and improvement of blood problems. dates syrup benefits

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