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buy dates in bulk in china It is economical for date buyers Dates are one of the tropical products of China, which are harvested in the south of China. It is a Chinese city, and due to having a suitable climate with date trees, they have the best ranking in the world in the production and sale of dates and date by-products. The different varieties of dates that you are familiar with, each one is harvested in certain regions of the country, and all of them are different from each other in terms of taste and appearance. Another difference between these date samples is their market and price, so that export dates are different from the type of dates that are sold in the domestic market of the China . Sorting and packaging of dates is one of the most important factors in selling dates and exporting them. Sorting of dates is done by machines and devices, which is usually done for export in China. Selling wholesale dates at the lowest price As you know, dates are one of the best-selling natural products in the Middle East. There are many centers that are active in the field of distribution and sale of dates in China, some of them operate online. Online date sales and supply centers have advantages, one of the most important advantages of which can be mentioned is its very reasonable price without intermediaries. prices of dates cheaper in these Chinese companies This Chinese company produces and supplies dates in the field of distribution of products without intermediaries and directly. In this way, he sends all varieties of dates directly from the groves to the customers at a great price. selling price of dates in China Date prices depend on the type of dates and other factors. The prices of exported dates in China are usually a little more expensive than other dates. The wholesale price of dates varies at different times and there are indicators that cause the price of dates to decrease and increase in the market. Advantages of selling dates online in China

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Advantages of selling dates online in China

China is one of the major sellers of all kinds of dates that offers all its products online. The online sale of dates has many advantages for buyers across the country, which are all the advantages of buying and selling online. Send the product at the lowest cost Shipping costs are one of the most important concerns of customers and major buyers in China. In this company, by making it possible to send products through different ways in the shortest time and at the lowest cost, it has become more economical for customers. Before sending the products to the customers, they are placed in suitable packages so that they are delivered to them completely safe. It is also possible to send to different cities and provinces in China. Due to its special features, this product has attracted the attention of many date traders in China. One of these features is its semi-dry texture and low humidity, which makes it last for a long time even in normal weather conditions. Therefore, for this reason, it should be considered easy to transport it to the farthest parts of the country and the world. This has reduced many maintenance and moving costs. For this reason, many buyers buy this product and since they are not worried about its damage, they buy and sell it with peace of mind. Advantages of selling dates online in China Zahedi dates are also harvested during the rainy season and are mostly known by the brand name of Zahedi Asali dates. Its taste is unique and has many fans all over China. Of course, its wetness has more moisture and it should be kept at the right temperature. China is one of the main centers of date production in the country. Many types of dates grow in this region, including Kabkab, Guntar, Khasavi, Shahani and of course Zahedi dates. Bushehr province alone produces a large amount of date products in the country. The products of this region are usually of high quality and it is the best option for the strict ones. If you are looking for high quality for special markets or even for export, it is better to buy from this area. The best and most famous type of this product is produced in Dashtestan city located in Bushehr province and has a very high quality. Talha, Faryab and Peshtkoh areas in this city are the best producers of this product and are known throughout Iran. Also, the products of this region are one of the most reliable export figures. Every year, during the harvest season of this product, a large amount of 1st grade dates, including the products of Dashtestan and its subcategories, are exported to foreign and luxury countries. “China” trading group is proud to be a supplier of dates all over China, providing quality dates from the provinces of China in bulk and in high tonnage to respected buyers all over the country. You will have enough advice during communication with our collection to make your purchase. Therefore, our priority is to satisfy you and choose a load suitable for your target market. China date Collection is only a major seller of date products directly and without intermediaries from the gardener. Therefore, the minimum order can be registered and loaded is 2 tons. Cargo is also sent to all over Iran as well as foreign countries by the clearance workers of this collection. Also, this collection has wide access to buyers and consumers of date products, ready to cooperate with respected farmers and producers of these valuable products. It is better to know that the types of dates available in the domestic market of China are different in terms of price; Different factors affect the pricing of dates; It can be said that one of these factors is the type of extra dates produced; The types of dates available in the market are dry, semi-dry and fresh, and each of these dates are offered at different rates. Of course, the price of dates varies according to the climate of the cultivated area; It is interesting to know that dates that are of the same type may have different quality. Another influential factor in the price of dates is the heavy weight of date seeds and the meatiness of this product; The fact that dates are meaty means that the amount of skin and core of this product is less than that of date meat. Thank you for reading our article to the end. Please send us your comments and suggestions.

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